Outback Meteor Hooded 3 Burner Green Gas Barbecue - With Hose & Regulator

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  • BBQ Style: Hooded
  • No. of Burners: 3 Burners
  • Includes: Hose & Regulator
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Meteor 3 Burner - Green
Only £189
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    Only £189.00

    Outback Meteor Hooded 3 Burner Green Gas Barbecue - With Hose & Regulator

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    • 3× Cast Iron Burners
    • Cooking Area: 480mm X 420mm
    • Cooking Grill: 1×50% PE Coated
    • Cooking Griddle: 1×50% PE Coated
    • 2× Black Sandy Painted Side Table
    • Stationary Chromed Warming Rack
    • Two Tier Drip Tray
    • 4× Black Sandy Painted Legs
    • 2× Black Plastic Wheels
    • Hose & Regulator Included
    Grill and Griddle Cooking

    Grill and Griddle Cooking

    The generous cooking space that this barbecue boasts, is divided 50/50 by porcelain coated grill and griddle. The grill is ideal for cooking pieces of meats, such as steak, burgers or kebabs - the juices of these, will then fall down onto the lava rocks below and vapourise. As a result of this, smoke rises and bastes the food as it travels upwards which provides that classic smoked BBQ flavour we all know and love. The Griddle, on the other hand is perfect for more fragile ingredients, such as onions, peppers or even an egg! As if this wasn’t enough, there is also a warming rack, to keep any cooked food from going cold.

    Roasting Hood Cooking with Heat Indicator

    With a hooded barbecue, you can reap many benefits - one of these being pre-heating before any cooking actually begins. Coupling this with the heat indicator that is built-in, you can achieve the exact temperature you need, and tailor it to meet the needs of whatever ingredients you choose. Cooking with the hood down, traps the heat and allows it circulate effectively. Hood down barbecuing also conserves gas.

    Roasting Hood Cooking with Heat Indicator
    Gas and Regulator

    Gas and Regulator

    We include a propane/patio gas clip on gas regulator as standard with this stainless steel bbq and recommend that you use propane gas or patio gas to achieve the best barbecuing experience. However this barbecue can use either propane / patio gas or butane LPG gas. We recommend propane/patio gas as it will supply gas all year round, even on cold winter days. Butane bottles however tend to supply sufficient gas during the summer, but its performance may well be reduced once temperatures drop below 10 degrees C. Please be aware that if you intend to use butane that a butane regulator is not supplied and we do not stock these items.

    Additional Features

    The Green Outback Meteor 3 Burner, also boasts a concealed drip tray, that collects any unwanted fat and oils. It is also easy to empty and clean - for an easier clean, try lining the drip tray with sand and foil which absorbs the fatty oils and the liner can simply be thrown away.

    On either side of the Outback Meteor 3 Burner there is a side shelf, which provide an easy to clean surface to organise and store your food, or perhaps even store a cold beer or glass of wine while you cook to your hearts content.

    Additional Features
    2 Bonus BBQ E-Books with Meat and Vegetarian Recipes Included

    2 Bonus BBQ E-Books with Meat and Vegetarian Recipes Included

    As a bonus gift when you purchase any of our barbecues, you’ll receive 2 fantastic BBQ E-Books which feature separate meat and vegetarian recipes, which you will receive via email. These are perfect for cooking on your new barbecue!

    Dimensions 3 Burner
    Assembled Dimensions 124cm x 128cm x 60.5cm
    Width 124cm
    Depth 60.5cm
    Height 128cm
    Cooking Area 42cm x 48cm
    Recommended Gas Bottle Size N/A
    Materials 3 Burner
    Hood Material Dual Skinned Hood
    Burner Material Cast Iron
    Cover Material N/A
    Features 3 Burner
    No. of Burners 3
    Side Burner? No
    Heat Output 8.64 kW
    Side Shelves 2x Fixed Metal
    Recommended Gas Type Propane
    Cover Included? No
    Side Shelves? N/A
    Barbecue Style Hooded
    Fuel Propane (Recommended for optimal performance)
    Warming Rack Standard Chrome Plated
    Assisted Flavouring Method Lava Rock
    Ignition Type Piezo
    Drip Collector Stainless Steel Drip Tray (Removable)
    No. of Grill Sections 1 x Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grill Section
    No. of Griddle / Flatplate Sections 1 x Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Griddle Section
    Regulator Included? Yes - Propane / Patio Gas Clip on Regulator included
    Rotisserie Included? N/A
    Safety Approved GS/TUV
    BBQ Finish Green
    Heat Indicator Yes
    Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

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