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Comprehensive List of Algebra Resources

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Learning algebra can often seem like a daunting challenge for students. They may feel like it is too difficult for them to understand or that it is not practical in their lives. By using well thought out algebra lessons that break down the topics into easily understood segments, students will find that algebra is not at all difficult to master. They may even come to enjoy it and wish to tackle more difficult math subjects later on.

Beginning Algebra: Tutorials on many different topics in algebra.

Algebra Review in Ten Lessons: Lessons on several areas in algebra.

Beginning Algebra Syllabus: A site with video tutorials of algebra topics.

Algebra: A site with algebra tutorials and quizzes.

Algebra Activities: Interactive activities and quizzes using algebra.

Elementary Algebra Review: Algebra lessons by video that cover several topics.

Introductory Algebra: Video lessons for reviewing introductory algebra.

Elementary Algebra Lessons in PowerPoint: Several algebra lessons presented in PowerPoint presentations.

Vectors and Vector Algebra: Information and lessons on vector algebra.

Problems Solved! An Algebra Study Guide: An algebra guide divided into elementary and intermediate algebra lessons, with included quizzes.

Algebra II Reference Sheet: This page contains several algebra formulas.

Pre-Algebra Reference Sheet: A review sheet with algebra formulas.

Algebra 1 Online!: Links to lessons and study guides for algebra 1 topics.

Algebra I Cheat Sheet: Review of a few formulas commonly found in algebra 1.

Intermediate Algebra Links: A site of links to algebra tutorials and practice tests.

Algebra: Video lessons covering all major topics in algebra.

Algebra Tutorials: Algebra lessons via PowerPoint presentations.

Algebra in Simplest Terms: Video lessons on algebra topics.

Self-Check Tutorial: Factoring Using Algebra: A worksheet on factoring with answers at the end.

Understanding Algebra: An online algebra textbook.

Mr. B’s Algebra Home Page: Information and tutorials on different topics in algebra.

Algebra: Non–Linear Relationships: A large PDF file on non-linear patterns in algebra that is geared towards grades 8-9.

Basic Algebra: Lessons and quizzes on basic algebra topics.

Word Problems For Kids: A site from Canada that helps students in grades 5-12 improve their problem-solving skills.

Algebra Topics: PowerPoint presentations of various algebra topics.

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