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How To Make A Kneeling Cushion With Debbie Shore

Added by Shaun Wheatcroft
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how to make kneeling cushion

In the third in our exclusive series with Debbie Shore, the best-selling needlecraft author and YouTube sensation helps RedShed readers make a beautiful kneeling cushion that can be used indoors and out in the garden. Perfect for a Christmas gift or for guests to sit on at a family gathering, Debbie’s kneeling cushion is cheap to make and looks fantastic too.

Whether you just need to add some comfort to existing garden furniture or give the children or grandchildren something to sit and relax on, this kneeling cushion is easy to make and can be designed in a style that suits you. Just watch the video below to find out how. You can also download the full how-to PDF instructions by entering your email and clicking on the link. Good luck and don’t forget to subscribe to the RedShed YouTube account for more in the sewing series, coming soon!

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Added by Shaun Wheatcroft / October 10, 2014
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