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Maria Karla Salinas
All posts from Maria Karla Salinas
Hey, I’m Maria Karla Salinas, but you can call me “K”. I love sharing my ideas and opinions. I love taking photos and make art out of it too! I dream to travel and explore the whole world one day. I enjoy anything about beauty and wellness. I hope we share a thing in common. Enjoy reading my articles! See ya. ☺
Dale De Leon
All posts from Dale De Leon
Seriously? This section is all about me? Okay, Hi! My name is Dale Myron de Leon. They usually call me Dale. In school, I was that kid that never paid attention to my teacher. I took up a Bachelor of Science in Information Management and majored in Airline Operation and Procedure. Doing computer stuff is one of my hobbies, be it something professional, music or more. I am also passionate about hitting the snare, kick and cymbals. So you know a bit about me. Now, hit me up!
Susan Lee of Rain-shine
All posts from Susan Lee of Rain-shine
Rain-shine are an award winning small family business providing quality waterproof clothing and swimwear to parents, nurseries, schools and groups throughout the UK to allow children the freedom to play outside whatever the weather. Our range includes quality brands such as Regatta, Trespass, Keela, Didrikson and Togz. We cater for children from the age of 9 months to 12 years and offer an attractive bulk discount scheme for orders of 10 items or more. From all in ones to waterproof jackets, trousers and dungarees we have something to suit all needs. We produce weekly blog posts full of easy, fun ideas on how to reengage children with the great outdoors. Please visit to see our full range.
Spanner Spencer
All posts from Spanner Spencer
Katherine Oakes
All posts from Katherine Oakes
Katherine Oakes is a writer, yoga instructor, and vocalist living in Northern New Jersey.
Judith Miguel
All posts from Judith Miguel
Emily Chapman
All posts from Emily Chapman

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