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Saving Water Using Waterbutts

Added by Maria Karla Salinas
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Hoarding rain water is an ideal way to save water and provide our plants with lots of water every time they need it. One great medium to that is using water butts.

According to Waterwise, an average of 85,000 liters of rainfall falls on your roof every year. You can use this water for garden use and other cleaning outdoor activities. Water butts vary different sizes, and these are very easy to install to your sheds and garage or your house. Any structure you can find in your garden that has down pipe and gutter.

If you’re not in a tight budget, you can choose a rainwater harvesting system too. This system has powerful filters that cleanse the water and a pump that goes through the hose. If you’re looking for bigger storage capacity, below Ground tanks are another alternative too.

You can choose your water butts depending on how many liters you prefer to save. Water butts look like barrels, but some are customized to fit in narrow spaces. Ones with the taps are very useful for filling watering cans effortlessly. Most comes with a stand so the tap can fit the watering system bellow the water butt.

This is a video on how to install a water butt.

You want to keep your water butt covered at all times to prevent fragments and formation of algae, scum or slime. You can try adding biological rainwater treatment to keep it clean up to five months.

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Added by Maria Karla Salinas / February 12, 2015
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