BillyOh Alpine Workshop Log Cabin
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Overall Dimensions (3.5 x 3.0m)

  • (A) Width: 4.09m (13ft5)
  • (B) Depth: 2.91m (9ft6)
  • (C) Height: 2.47m (8ft1)
  • Alpine Style
  • Sizes from 4.0 x 2.5m to 4.0 x 3.0m
  • Opening Windows, Solid Wood Extra High Doors, available in 19mm and 28mm Wall Thickness
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Alpine I
W3.5 x D3.0
Prem Alpine I
W4.0 x D3.0
Alpine II
W3.5 x D3.5
Prem Alpine II
W4.0 x D4.0
Prem Alpine III
W4.0 x D5.0
Lean To On Rear
19mm 5x7 Lean Too
19mm Lean To
W1.5m x D2.0m
28mm 5x7 Lean Too
28mm Lean To
W1.5m x D2.0m

Add More Storage

Add additional storage space to your log cabin with this simple interlocking Lean-Too Option. Put those garden tools, mowers, garden furniture out of site keeping your cabin free from clutter. This Option can easily be reversed to suit your needs, and is assembled at the same time as the main cabin before the roof is fixed.

The Lean too can be placed in the positions indicated above, for detailed sizes and floor plans check the download in the documents tab below. Main building dimensions do not include the lean too.

Whats in The Box: Cladding of your choice (19mm/28mm), Solid sheet Roof, Solidsheet floor, Boarded Door, Green mineral felt, Padlock and Hasp, plus all fixings.

Our Thickess Floors

Increase the fllor thickness for a much stronger platform to support your interior items.

•11mm Flooring Standard flooring that gives you a platform and is suitable for medium intensity use.

•19mm Flooring This will suit a studio,music space,simple storage or a fuctional garden shed. It is 1.7 times thicker than our standard 11mm flooring.

•28mm Flooring This would suit a home gym, a heavy duty workshop or a heavy duty steel racking to store items for home or business use. This floor is 2.5 times thicker than our standard 11mm flooring.

Add More Strength

Retain more heat with a thicker roof, giving you greater comfort in the winter months.

•Premium roofing is heavy-duty and supports our premium shingles. Recommended for large buildings. 19mm tongue and groove boards are used.

•Standard roofing is suitable for mineral felt, but can also take the weight of shingles on small and medium cabins. 11mm tongue and groove boards are used.

Protect from the Elements

Keep your building in excellent condition with our choice of weather protection.

•Premium - Shingles offer you the highest level of protection. They are long-lasting, waterproof, UV resistant and carry an SAA fire rating.

•Standard - Mineral Felt is quick and easy to apply and adds a standard level of defence against the weather.

•Basic - the cabin is supplied with no roof covering. You will be required to source your own roofing material if other options are not selected.

product option

Make this building your own by choosing a tub of colour treatment for the trim, and a tub for the walls. Hover over the colours for an example of how each will look like on your product.

Please note the colours are not pre-painted on the product before delivery, and are supplied in a tub of paint. See below.

Choose Your Trim Colour

Choose Your Wall Colour

Order Summary:
    From £1,099.00

    BillyOh Alpine Workshop Log Cabin

    If you need a building to expand your working space in the garden, the Alpine Log Cabin Workshop is the garden building for you. It’s a huge step up form a standard wooden shed, whilst being much easier to construct and better value for money than a brick-built alternative. The thick tongue and groove timber used for the Alpine Workshop is smooth to the touch and slots together with ease for a simple, even fun, installation in your garden. With its chic overhanging roof, it's a unique-looking building that you'll love spending time in.

    To make sure you’re totally happy with your Alpine Workshop we’ve made it fully customisable. You can select between two styles of window: the Georgian, more traditional style or contemporary Modern style. In addition there’s a range of sizes, a variety of floor thicknesses to suit your usage, as well as the roof protection and window glazing. You can also add an attractive coloured treatment to make the cabin truly yours.

    The 6’2” door height of the Alpine Workshop makes getting stuff in and out of the cabin simple. And to make your life simpler still, it has a building height of less than 2.5m overall, to help comply with planning regulations. The solid wood doors featured in the design provide a private, cosier interior to spend your time in.

    Simply put, the Alpine Workshop is one of the highest-end workshops that we offer. If you want the very best workspace available for the hobbies that you love, then this workshop is the ideal choice. Whether you're a craftsman, a tinkerer, or just someone who likes to relax in the garden, the Alpine Workshop is adaptable to your every need.

    Designed with you in mind

    Designed with you in mind

    The Alpine Workshop has been upgraded with extra-high doors to make getting into the building easier. The eaves height (the lowest point of the roof) has also been raised, giving you a greater average ceiling height.

    Spacious and bright: With a generous height of 6'2", the workshop’s door opening accommodates the majority of adults, so you won't be bumping your head every time you enter. The accompanying side windows provide the workshop with plenty of sunlight during the day.

    Faster and easier: The Alpine Workshop has an overall building height of just below 2.5 metres, giving it a greater chance of avoiding issues with current planning regulations. Nevertheless, we still strongly advise contacting your local area's council for information on this, as different council boroughs can vary.

    Customise to suit your needs

    The Alpine Workshop lets you customise several important aspects of the construction, so you can get the exact building you want. The log cabin can be assembled in several different configurations, letting you place the doors and windows in the optimal position for your garden layout. We also give you the choice of building size, floor timber thickness, window style, glazing style and roof covering to create the perfect garden building for your requirements.

    If you have all-year-round use in mind, we recommend the premium 19mm floor for strength and durability, double-glazed Modern style doors and windows for insulation from the cold, and premium roof shingles to give the building long-lasting, effective weatherproofing. For a standard summer house only for use during the spring and summer months, single-glazed doors and windows will be sufficient, combined with the Traditional style to give a classic appearance. Then complete the building with roof shingles and premium paint for a great style that's personalised to your tastes.

    Customise to suit your needs
    The perfect workshop

    The perfect workshop

    Every aspect of the Alpine Workshop’s construction has been specially designed to create the ultimate workspace. The doors are solid wood as opposed to windowed, to make the building more private and secluded than a typical log cabin, as well as increasing strength and security. This means you can store your high-value tools and belongings in confidence.

    The workshop is ultra-durable, particularly the more premium cladding, letting it withstand everything it’s subjected to; be it the weather outside or you inside! The double doors are strong and large, so you can access the building with ease – even whilst you're carrying your power tools or DIY projects in and out and with a great selection of building sizes you can get all of the space you need for the hobbies you love.

    If you want to be productive in the most beautiful space you have available, you owe it to yourself to add an Alpine Log Cabin Workshop to your garden.

    Solid, interlocking timber construction

    The Alpine Workshop is constructed with interlocking timbers, a traditional building method that gives additional strength to all of the boards. Compared to the technique used for basic panel buildings, this is a far superior method that firmly fixes the timbers in place, using their combined weight to make the structure rock solid.

    19mm tongue and groove timber is used for the four walls of the building. This is an entry-level log cabin cladding that makes the Alpine Workshop extremely cost-effective whilst still giving adequate insulation and durability. It's much thicker than the average garden shed, giving a sturdy construction so you'll enjoy the building for many years to come.

    28mm tongue and groove timber is used for the walls of the building, a standard log cabin cladding that gives the workshop reasonable durability and insulation whilst still remaining affordable. With walls that are much thicker than the typical garden shed, it has a sturdy construction to give you peace of mind and longevity.

    Solid, interlocking timber construction
    Pick your window style

    Pick your window style

    We give you the choice of two stunning building designs, letting you get the window styling that's right for you. Both single-glazing and double-glazing options are available in either style, so you can choose the level of insulation you need for your building. And with either style you'll also enjoy the unique feature of the Alpine Workshop 's front overhang, for an appearance that's full of character.

    Traditional Style (Georgian bars) – Premium and Standard options: The Traditional Style Alpine Workshop features Georgian beams on the windows, giving the building a classic British feel. Choose Standard for single-glazed windows if you just have a seasonal summer house in mind, or upgrade to double-glazing to help keep you warm all through the year.

    Modern Style – Premium and Standard options: If you'd prefer a more contemporary design for your building, then the Modern Style is for you. This offers a clean, minimalistic feel without Georgian bars. Once again, you'll also have the choice of Standard or Premium glazed windows to suit the intended use of your log cabin.

    Solid under foot

    The heavy-duty Premium floor option is ideal if you have an everyday building in mind, such as a home office for example. Alternatively, Standard is an adequate choice if you just need seasonal domestic use.

    Premium – heavy-duty floor: A Premium floor is the perfect choice for high-intensity usage. This heavy-duty option will ensure that your building can withstand demanding activities and store your heavy belongings. The construction uses thick 19mm tongue and groove timber, which also gives you insulation against the cold weather, making the workshop easier and cheaper to heat during Autumn and Winter.

    Standard – regular floor: We offer the Standard floor option for less demanding and frequent usage, suitable for lighter intensity purposes like basic storage and other occasional uses. 11mm tongue and groove timber makes this is a suitable economic option.

    Basic – your bespoke DIY floor: If you're a DIY expert with specific requirements, we offer you the Basic option. The building will be supplied with the bearers only, letting you build the base completely from scratch to your liking.

    Solid under foot
    Sturdy overhead

    Sturdy overhead

    Tongue and groove roof boards: The Alpine Workshop's roof panels are constructed from quality tongue and groove timber, consistent with the rest of the log cabin. This helps increase the building's weather resistance and its overall longevity, making sure that it's built to last.

    Increased strength: The roof purlins for the log cabin are strong and thick, giving the roof plenty of strength and support for your peace of mind. This also gives it the strength necessary to support more substantial roof covering, meaning it's able to take the weight of both roofing felt and roofing shingle for added protection from the elements. Ensure you take a look at our fantastic roof weather protection options below.

    Protect the roof

    Due to its position on the building, the roof is the part of the building that's most exposed and vulnerable to the weather, so it needs good protection. Choose one of our great roof weather protection options to make the workshop water-tight and keep it in great condition from day one.

    Premium weather protection: For the very best weathering capability available, fit workshop with Premium heavy-duty shingles, available in a selection of green, red or black. These are far thicker than our Standard weather protection option, providing the building with extra durability and value, as well as adding style. Our roofing shingles are UV resistant, water-proof, carry an SAA fire rating and are very long-lasting.

    Standard weather protection: The Standard weather protection option offers mineral felt, of which is used for our premium garden sheds. This is quickly and easily applied to the roof, giving your log cabin a basic level of defence against the elements.

    Basic: Basic is the option for you if you intend to supply your own roofing materials separately.

    Protect the roof
    Keep your cabin looking fantastic

    Keep your cabin looking fantastic

    The Alpine Workshop comes to you in a natural wood finish as standard. With a softwood construction, you'll need you to add preservatives to the building yearly to protect it from the weather and maintain its warranty. Be creative about it – choose your favourite base colour first and then add a complementary trim colour for an attractive design that's personalised to you.

    Premium treatment: The new addition to our treatment range is a beautiful selection of Premium colour paints, giving you much more choice of colour than ever before. Select the colour you love, whilst giving the best protection to the building you love.

    Standard treatment: Our Standard building treatment gives you a small selection of attractive, natural colours to paint your log cabin and protect it from the elements.

    Basic: Selecting the Basic option provides you with a blank canvas to apply your own choice of treatment products on to.

    Dimensions 3.5 x 3.0m 3.5 x 3.5m 4.0 x 3.0m 4.0 x 4.0m 4.0 x 5.0m
    Width 409.3cm 409.3cm 464.9cm 464.9cm 464.9cm
    Depth 290.8cm 350.8cm 292cm 412cm 505.2cm
    Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 247cm 247cm 247cm 247cm 247cm
    Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 209cm 209cm 209cm 209cm 209cm
    Width (Internal) 323.4cm 323.4cm 383.4cm 383.4cm 383.4cm
    Depth (Internal) 233.4cm 263.4cm 233.4cm 323.4cm 413.4cm
    Cladding Sizes Available 19mm 19mm 28mm 28mm 28mm
    Door Opening Size (w x h) 156cm x 187.6cm 156cm x 187.6cm 156cm x 187.6cm 156cm x 187.6cm 156cm x 187.6cm
    Window Dimensions 72cm x 125cm 72cm x 125cm 72cm x 125cm 72cm x 125cm 72cm x 125cm
    Front Roof Overhang 69.3cm 69.3cm 69.3cm 69.3cm 69.3cm
    Materials 3.5 x 3.0m 3.5 x 3.5m 4.0 x 3.0m 4.0 x 4.0m 4.0 x 5.0m
    Glazing Material Single Glazed (SAN) or Double Glazed (Toughened Glass) Single Glazed (SAN) or Double Glazed (Toughened Glass) Single Glazed (SAN) or Double Glazed (Toughened Glass) Single Glazed (SAN) or Double Glazed (Toughened Glass) Single Glazed (SAN) or Double Glazed (Toughened Glass)
    Material Graded European Softwood Graded European Softwood Graded European Softwood Graded European Softwood Graded European Softwood
    Floor Material Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
    Roof Material Tongue & Groove Tongue & Groove Tongue & Groove Tongue & Groove Tongue & Groove
    Roof Covering Material Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
    Features 3.5 x 3.0m 3.5 x 3.5m 4.0 x 3.0m 4.0 x 4.0m 4.0 x 5.0m
    Cladding Style Tongue and Groove Interlocking Boards Tongue and Groove Shed Tongue and Groove Shed Tongue and Groove Interlocking Boards Tongue and Groove Shed
    Windows 1 opening windows 1 opening windows 2 opening windows 3 opening windows 3 opening windows
    Veranda Available? No No No No No
    Overhang Style Alpine Style Overhang Alpine Style Overhang Alpine Style Overhang Alpine Style Overhang Alpine Style Overhang
    Pre-Assembled Side Panels No No No No No
    Factory Basecoat Treatment Untreated Untreated Untreated Untreated Untreated
    Roof Style Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex
    Shed Type Workshop, large sheds workshops, Large Shed Workshop, large sheds workshops, Large Shed Workshop, large sheds workshops, Large Shed Workshop, large sheds workshops, Large Shed Workshop, large sheds workshops, Large Shed
    Please Note: This product has been designed as an affordable solution to most popular light domestic uses. All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

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