BillyOh Lollipop Max Tower Playhouse with Slide Option

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Overall Dimensions (7 x 8)

  • (A) Width: 2.47m (8ft1)
  • (B) Depth: 2.13m (7ft)
  • (C) Height: 2.45m (8ft)
  • Style: Tower Playhouse
  • Available with Slide for 7 x 14
  • Suitable for: Boys & Girls
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7 x 8 Lollipop Max Tower
From £439
7 x 14 Lollipop Max Tower with Slide
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Order Summary:
    From £439.00

    Cottage Style Apex

    Raised Tower Design

    Raised Tower Design

    Optional Slide For Extra Fun

    Optional Slide For Extra Fun

    Cottage Style Apex

    Cottage Style Apex

    The Lollipop is the largest playhouse we have for sale and is ideal for large or growing families. Your children will love to spend time outdoors with this garden addition and there’s room for not only your children, but all their friends too.

    Featuring a raised tower design, this playhouse is a unique unit that will look great in any garden! The Lollipop Tower Xtra offers a safe and fun place for your children to play, learn or even relax. Plus, they can make all the noise they want!

    Raised Tower Design

    Raised Tower Design

    The raised tower design of this Lollipop Tower Xtra playhouse is a great feature that your kid’s will love. It’s also makes this impressive playhouse stand out from the crowd!

    Let your children enjoy great views of your garden whilst having their own private hideaway to relax and play in. Available in a range of sizes, you are sure to find a Lollipop Tower Xtra playhouse that is suited to your garden needs!

    Up the Ladder, Down the Slide!

    A fantastic feature of this playhouse is the optional slide which will maximise the fun experience of the Lollipop Max Tower. Climb up the ladder and go down the slide!

    This exciting addition creates a wow-factor for your garden and keep your kids entertained for hours at a time. You can choose your preferred slide size, as well the slide colour, which makes the Lollipop Max Tower so fun and unique.

    Up the Ladder, Down the Slide!
    Four Cottage Style Windows and Door

    Four Cottage Style Windows and Door

    In order to keep your playhouse a light and airy space for children to play in, the Lollipop Max Tower playhouse features four fixed windows. This gives ample amounts of light to stream through and make the playhouse feel inviting.

    As well as this, the tower will come with part glazed doors or a cool saloon door if you go for the slide option. The windows are all glazed with styrene material which makes them durable and easy to clean!

    Solid Sheet Roof

    A solid sheet roof is provided with your playhouse. This is pre-cut and is easily attached using the fixings, for a quick and easy assembly.

    This material provides complete protection from the elements, meaning there is no way for water to get in. So, the next time it rains heavily, you won’t have to worry about leaks in your playhouse roof!

    Solid Sheet Roof
    Solid Sheet Floor

    Solid Sheet Floor

    We also supply a solid sheet floor as part of our standard Lollipop Tower Xtra playhouse package. The floor comes pre-cut to size, just build your way upwards.

    The solid sheet floor is equipped to handle all domestic use and is a solid base for handling all of your children’s toys!

    Fits Through a Standard Door

    To make the handover and delivery as straightforward and as possible, each one of our pre-engineered tongue and groove panels have been designed to fit through a standard door. We know that not all gardens are easily accessible so we’ve avoided any potential issues for you!

    If necessary, simply transport the boards through your front door and to your garden for minimal fuss and stress.

    Fits Through a Standard Door
    Strong Tongue and Groove Construction

    Strong Tongue and Groove Construction

    The Lollipop Tower Xtra has been constructed using a highly popular tongue and groove construction. The panels are pre-engineered to interlock together, which gives the playhouse it’s great strength, as well as providing a rustic, all-round smooth finish.

    As the panels interlock together, they give the Lollipop Tower Xtra great protection from the elements, and black sand felt roof stops water from entering the unit.

    Therefore rain is able to run off the side of the building and ultimately stopping the joints from being damaged, preventing long term rot issues.

    Warnings and Recommendations


    1)For domestic use only Use
    2) Outdoor use only
    3) Not suitable for children under 36 months
    4) Maximum user weight is 50kg

    Safety recommendations

    1) Adult assembly is required minimum of 2 people.
    2) Children require adult supervision when using this product.
    3) This product is safety tested to British standards BS-EN71 for domestic use.
    4) A minimum clearance of 2m from obstructions or structures is recommended.
    5) Building is assembled on a level surface with a minimum clearance of 2m from obstructions or structures.

    Warnings and Recommendations
    Dimensions 7 x 8 7 x 14
    Width 246.5cm 435cm
    Depth 212.8cm 212.8cm
    Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 196.4cm 196.4cm
    Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 244.6cm 244.6cm
    Width (Internal) 210.7cm 210.7cm
    Depth (Internal) 146.5cm 146.5cm
    Eaves Height (Internal) 100.6cm 100.6cm
    Ridge Height (Internal) 148.2cm 148.2cm
    Window Dimensions 44cm x 44.5cm 44.5cm x 43.95cm
    Door Opening Size (w x h) 58.6cm x 97.8cm 97.8cm x 58.6cm
    Frame Thickness (w x d) 2.8cm x 2.8cm 2.8cm x 2.8cm
    Materials 7 x 8 7 x 14
    Glazing Material Styrene Styrene
    Roof Material Solid Sheet Material Solid Sheet Material
    Floor Material Solid Sheet Material Solid Sheet Material
    Material Graded European Softwood Graded European Softwood
    Roof Covering Material Felt Roofing Felt Roofing
    Features 7 x 8 7 x 14
    Cladding Style Tongue and Groove Tongue and Groove
    Windows 4 windows (all fixed) 4 windows (all fixed)
    Door: 1 x Single Full Door 1 x Saloon Door
    BillyOh Range: Tongue and Groove Tongue and Groove
    Locking System Magnetic Safety Catch Magnetic Safety Catch
    Factory Basecoat Treatment Red Cedar Water Based Treatment for Transit Red Cedar Water Based Treatment for Transit
    Supplied with Fixtures and Fittings Yes Yes
    Safety Approved EN71 - For Domestic Use Only EN71 - For Domestic Use Only
    isGableSizeImageSpecifice Yes Yes
    Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

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