15 Best Unspoilt Beaches You Need to Visit before You Die

Nothing is more soothing than a sweet escape from all the hassles of the big city and it is probably an ultimate dream for most, if not all, of those living in urban areas, to be able to experience the peace and serenity that only nature can provide. And for those who are lucky enough to be able to reside at these wonderful places, it is absolutely a lifetime of heaven here on earth.

Functional Backyard Designs

Some people say that backyards are often the most forgotten part of the house. With a little modification in terms of the design, set up and garden pieces, you can easily transform your dull outdoor space into a modern-looking sanctuary.

10 Ways To Still Have a BBQ Party On A Rainy Day

Have you thought of hosting a BBQ party then suddenly got the rain as an uninvited guest? It’s a myth that to cancel and just move the date instead like what most people will think of doing is the only option left and there are plenty of reasons why. Here are some of them.

5 Autumn Garden Activities For Kids

There are surely a handful of activities your children can enjoy even during the autumn season. In this article, Susan Lee, our friend from Rain-shine, teaches us some ways to make the autumn season fun and productive for your children!