Top 18 Superfoods In Pictures

The term ‘superfood’ has become quite a popular buzzword in recent years, but what are they? We’ve compiled a list of the top superfoods, rich in nutrients and vitamins, and great additions to your diet.

1. Oats


Rich In: Soluble fibre.
Good For: Lowering cholesterol.

2. Pumpkin


Rich In: Potassium, Beta-carotene.
Good For: Lowering blood pressure, revitalising skin, maintaining healthy bones.

3. Green Tea


Rich In: Antioxidants
Good For: Studies suggest green tea reduces chances of heart disease and diabetes, promotes growth of healthy bacteria

4. Broccoli


Rich In: Fibre, Vitamin A&C, Calcium.
Good For: Help prevent growth of cancer cells.

5. Grapefruit


Rich In: Water, Vitamin C
Good For: Lowering insulin levels, weight loss, help reduce risk of stroke.

6. Egg White


Rich In: Protein
Good For: Help maintain strong bones, nails and hair, encouraging muscle growth.

7. Pear


Rich In: Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Fibre.
Good For: Lowering cholesterol, reducing chances of diabetes.

8. Almonds


Rich In: Monounsaturated fats, Vitamin E, Biotin
Good For: Helping reduce risk of heart disease.

9. Beans


Rich In: Protein and Fibre
Good For: Reducing blood pressure, helping keep blood vessels healthy.

10. Butternut Squash


Rich In: Fibre, Vitamin A, Minerals: Calcium, Potassium, Iron.
Good For: Heart health, eye health.

11. Sardines


Rich In: Protein, Omega 3, Calcium
Good For: Muscle growth, heart health, joint replenishment.

12. Chia Seads


Rich In: Protein, Magnesium, Manganese.
Good For: Hydration, energy level, blood sugar regulation.

13. Spinach


Rich In: Vitamin C&K, Beta-carotene, Iron, Lutein.
Good For: Bone health, helping improve heart health and eye health.

14. Blueberries


Rich In: Flavonoids, Vitamin K, Manganese.
Good For: Help preserve memory functionality.

15. Dark Chocolate (and everybody cheered!)


Rich In: Antioxidants, Flavonoids, Cocoa.
Good For: Lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow.

16. Red Bell Pepper


Rich In: Vitamin C, Lycopene, Beta-carotene.
Good For: Helping reduce risk of eye disease, keep skin healthy and blood vessels strong.

17. Pistachio Nuts


Rich In: Protein, Fibre, Unsaturated fats.
Good For: Help lower cholesterol levels.

18. Kale


Rich In: Vitamin A, C, K, Potassium, Calcium
Good For: Help boost immune system, hydration, help reduce formation of cancer cells.



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