5 Hilarious Reasons Why You Don’t Exercise


We all know that exercise is very important in our daily lives. If we don’t make use of our bodies, we will pay the consequences. Our muscles will become weak and flabby. Perhaps our generation’s greatest failing is how lazy we are. It’s too easy to come up with a reason not to do something if we are feeling a bit tired or lazy. We are very good at finding excuses not to get moving. Here are the 5 most common reasons we don’t exercise and how to eliminate them immediately.



In the United Kingdom, the average monthly gym membership rate is £20 to £45 for individuals and £100 for a family. We tend to stay at home rather than to spend too much money to just get tired at the gym. Also, due to our busy schedule, we might not have three to four hours to go to the gym every other day.

But the truth is, we always have time and can find resources to pay inexpensive gym bills. Try asking family friends if they know someone who offers gym discount. In that way, we could be able to get a better deal on gym costs. You can also get fitness DVDs and use green gyms these days too, which means little or no cost at all.



We usually find exercise boring, tiring and confusing. We make a lot of excuses not to exercise, but there a hundreds of different types of fun and enjoyable exercises. You certainly don’t have to do jogging around a school field or fail to climb up a rope. How about:

• Working out at home: Use music and DVDs, make up your own routines or just play music and get moving.
• Downloading fitness apps: There are variety of fitness apps available on smartphones that can be your own personal fitness trainer. Try ‘Seven’ for instance on iPhone.
• Playing Games: A game like Wii Fit Plus is a great game that you can use to have fun while you exercise.
• Swimming: If you hate getting sweaty, then exercising in a pool is a great alternative.


3. “I’M TOO FAT”

We all know the dangers and consequences of eating too much and exercising too little: heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many more. If you’re overweight or obese, the thought of going to gym or exercising can be really terrifying. We have choices though and making a small commitment to do a little each day can soon be built upon. You’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Enjoying exercise may seem impossible but exercise doesn’t have to be difficult. The treadmill and other machines offer awesome workouts.




Planning to exercise sometime in the future is quite easy, but ending up tired from work can mean nothing gets done. You may hear a voice in your head saying, “I’m so tired and I want to sleep rather than exercise. Maybe I could do it tomorrow.”

Tiredness can actually be caused by lacking of exercise. Once you have started working out quite a while, it will be easy for your body to exercise even though you’re tired of work. Don’t believe us? Give it a try for yourself.




When it comes to choosing between sitting on the sofa and watching movies or taking a walk, some people just prefer to slack and rest. But here’s the kicker, exercise can make you look better, exercise can help you to be healthy and lower the risk of serious diseases. Exercise can even boost your self esteem and exercise can ultimately make you smarter! 

Sometimes, it’s all about knowing your limits. You don’t have to start with something big, instead start with what exercise feels good to you. Or even start by buying some new workout clothes. Vivotion sells yoga pants and more for women and men. What are you waiting for? Get productive and be healthy today!



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