5 Trampoline Exercises: Hop Your Way to Healthy Living




Sub-story 1: You have a brand spanking new trampoline you chucked right in the nether corner of your basement. Its dusty surface makes it seem like an unfinished slice of gypsy tart waiting to be devoured by a hungry mouse, or a mischief of hungry mice. The thing is, besides playing on it till kingdom come, your problem is you don’t know what to do with it.






Sub-Story2Sub-story 2: You’re really not the type who watches what they eat or checks on their weight every so often. However, you feel that it’s time that you shook those fats away and led a new life as a healthy human being.









You’re in for a treat! It’s time to take out that trampoline set you bought a few years back and start bouncing away whilst sweating all those fats out!

If you would like to get fit but would want to veer away from doing it using traditional (and boring) exercises, then you might find doing it on a trampoline a joy! Not only does it make you get your body into shape, it also is a fun activity you will definitely love doing.




Here’s some trampoline science for you.

According to research, jumping on a trampoline whilst simultaneously pumping dumbbells is the same as doing a more vigorous physical activity. If you spend at least an hour jumping on the trampoline, you are expected to burn 800-1300 calories. Now that’s some good chunk right there, chum!

Doing exercise routines on a trampoline is also more advisable than traditional jogging. When you jog, your lower limbs and feet are subjected to physical stress due to factors such as gravity and your weight. On the other hand, exercising using a trampoline cuts down the stress factor by 80%.


Benefits of exercising on a trampoline


Improved Cardiovascular Health/Blood Circulation

Like most cardiovascular exercises, physical activities done on a trampoline benefit the heart the most. When the heart muscles are strengthened, you can expect it to pump more blood without getting too exhausted. This also means that your heart is able to pump blood around your body more efficiently and with a lesser chance of being fatigued.

Low Impact and Less Stress

Thanks to your soft and bouncy trampoline pad, you get to do your routines without so much impact on your joints and leg stress. Compared to some activities such as long-distance jogging or other ball games, trampolining or rebounding helps you get fit whilst making sure your joints and legs do not get injured.

Increased Bone Density

Exercises that require you to work against gravity (weigh-bearing or resistance training) help develop our bones. Our bones respond to these types of exercises by growing stronger and denser.

Mental Health/Enjoyable

Trampolining not only improves your overall physical health but it also helps you achieve a more sound mental health. Trampolining is a more enjoyable alternative to your plain run-of-the-mill routines. If done religiously, exercising on a trampoline will help you become much happier, more confident about yourself, and feel livelier.

These are only some of the many benefits you get when playing on a trampoline. Let’s help you get that healthier body and mind with these fun and easy trampoline exercises!


**Note: As with any other exercises, you have to at least have a 2-minute warm-up to rouse your muscles before proceeding to do the routines. You can jump up and down and do basic fun trampoline routines to help prepare your system.







1. Basic Straight, Tuck, and Pike Routines

Aside from the usual jump up and down routine you would normally do on a trampoline, there are also several rigorous jump routines you can do to cut calories and strengthen your leg muscles.


  • Straight Jump

On the middle part of the trampoline stand tall with your two arms extended straight. Jump up and down holding this position.







  • Tuck Jump

Still on the centre of the trampoline, stand tall and put your hands to your sides. Start jumping up and pull your knees straight to your chest. On your way down, release your hands and land on the same position as when you jumped.






  • Pike Jump

Stand tall on the middle of the trampoline, put your arms to the sides, jump up, and point your legs out parallel to the ground. Reach your toes and release as soon as you land.

Do each of the routines for 30 seconds and take a 30-second active-rest in between.





42. Jumping Jacks

Your usual jumping jack exercise is no match to this rehashed and more fun version of the routine. Since you are doing it on the trampoline, not only does it instantly become more enjoyable, it also becomes much more beneficial to you since you’re doing it and landing on a softer surface, eliminating impact and leg stress.





53. Prances

This is a better alternative to your usual stationery run—much more fun, actually.

With your feet 6 inches apart, stand on the middle of the trampoline and put your hands to your waist. With your knees slightly bent, bounce on your feet, alternately raising your knees to hip level.


4. Squats

Whilst standing on the middle of the trampoline, put your feet together and both of your arms to your sides. Whilst up in the air, spread your feet a little wider than the width of your shoulders. On your way down, bend your knees and thighs positioning them parallel to the ground. To make it more effective, place your arms extended straight out.

You can do this routine for 15-20 times followed by an active rest.




5. Trampoline Dance

Yes, folks. You heard it right. Strut those funky dance moves whilst up in the air and get your blood pumping. At each jump on the trampoline, you can do practically any kinds of dance routines. You can do a simple body twist, a hand shake whilst your arms are extended straight out vertically, or a random dance move that will allow you to land in your original position.





Reminders! Reminders!


As with any other physical activities, you have to consult your doctor first to see if you are fit to do any of the simple trampoline exercises. Start with the simple ones and gradually widen your routine options.

You wouldn’t want to expose yourself to any physical harm whilst on the trampoline so you also need to ensure that your set is well-maintained with all of its parts checked and properly working. It is advisable to have a trampoline set wide enough to let you do the exercises efficiently. For added safety, it is necessary to secure the trampoline with an enclosure.

You’ve just found yourself a great exercise buddy, mate! All you need to do now is get that trampoline out and hop your way to a more fit and healthy lifestyle!

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