How Do You Stop Your iPhone 6 from Bending?

With Apple launching the new iPhone 6 earlier this month there are already big problems in the post-Steve Jobs era in what people are dubbing #BendGate. As hundreds of users have hit social media to claim their iPhone has bent after being left in their pocket or accidentally sat on, here we give you 5 ways to stop an iPhone 6 from bending.

iPhone 6 bent

iPhone bend test by Squarespace on YouTube


iPhone bend test by Squarespace on YouTube



1. Don’t sit on it!

No phone should ever be sat on! It may sound simple but people seem to think their new iPhone 6 is made from some sort of indestructible Apple-certified material. Well that isn’t the case, it may well be marketed as the smartest, thinnest, smoothest and tastiest phone ever, but it’s also a smartphone and sitting on it will never have a happy ending.


2. Beware of tight pockets and heat!

Tight pockets are a real no-no with the latest iPhone because the aluminium will bend if pressured enough. So rather than keeping your new gadget in your jeans pocket, put it in a jacket, coat or shirt pocket instead, preferably a zipped coat pocket if you have one.

Also, remember to never let your phone get too hot, metal and plastic are easily deformed in warmer conditions and overuse followed by a long time left in a tight pocket close to your body heat could all end in tears.


iPhone 6 pocket

A shirt or jacket pocket is the best place to keep your new phone


A shirt or jacket pocket is the best place to keep your new phone

3. Don’t actually try to bend it!

If you’re anything like me, curiosity easily gets hold of you and when you hear someone say ‘your iPhone 6 will bend’ you may well immediately try to bend it to see if it’s true. Don’t do this…

Like anything, if you try to break it, you’ll probably succeed. Yes, the new iPhones are made from aluminium metal, but it is thin aluminium that under sustained pressure will bend.

So as obvious as it might sound, don’t purposely bend your iPhone 6.


4. Buy yourself a quality phone case!

Although many iPhone enthusiasts hate phone cases because they add bulk to the sleek look of the handset, with the iPhone 6 you don’t really have much choice if you want to keep your phone in top condition and guard against bending. There are already some great lightweight cases for the iPhone 6 out there, so shop around and protected your prized possession now.


bending iphone 6

Bendier than bendier?


Bendier than bendier?

5. Wait until the bugs are ironed out before buying one!

Finally, as with every release of a new iPhone, the best thing to do is wait at least six months until initial users have tested the latest model for use and durability and Apple have had time to fix everything. Don’t waste your time being the guinea pigs of Apple, let someone else do it and come back and pick up your prize later (and at a lower cost).

How social media reacted to #BendGate…


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