How To Make A Hanging Basket

Following these four simple and easy steps you can create the perfect hanging basket for your garden and have some fun and save some money as you do!

1: Choose your basket

Metal, plastic and wicker hanging baskets.

There are three main types of hanging basket: metal wire, plastic and wicker. Or, if you fancy going for a more original approach, you can use a creative hanging basket idea.

Creative combined
Watering can, bird cage and light bulbs.

2: Line the basket

There are several materials you can use to line a hanging basket. Plastic baskets don’t need to be lined, but you can if you’d like to add an extra layer of moisture retention.

  • Coconut fibre. You can buy premade lining in a bowl shape, simply place it in your basket. You can also buy loose coconut fibre and form it yourself within the basket. Pad the bottom and sides of the basket creating a nice thick layer of fibre to help keep this moisture locked in.
  • Sphagnum moss. Again, like the coconut fibre, apply a generous amount to create a thick layer. Sphagnum moss is available in wet and dry forms, just make sure that if you purchase dry moss to wet it first.
  • Compost bag. This is a great way of recycling your used compost bags; saving you money and helping the environment. Make a few small holes in the bottom to allow the compost to breathe, nothing big enough to comprise the integrity of the bag or release moisture.

3: Add your soil

Now that your hanging basket is lined, you can fill it will compost. It’s recommended to use a good water-retaining compost or dedicated container mix.

4: Place your plants

If you’d like your hanging basket to look established and have an immediate effect, simply use grown plants that have already bloomed. Alternatively, you can use seedlings if you’d like the plant to grow within the basket. To plant within a hanging basket:

  • Create a hole in your soil big enough for the base of your plant
  • Place the plant in the hole
  • Fill any gaps with compost and smooth over, ensuring that the plant is tight and compact within the soil and won’t fall over.

Now all you have to do is find the perfect location for your hanging basket where you can enjoy it and show it off! shutterstock_142996942

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