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Mice have been domesticated for hundreds of years.  They are descendants of the common house mouse “Mus Musculus” meaning the little thief. House mice originated in Asia but have since extended their range to all over the world, particularly where humans are present. The house mouse is said to be the most common mammal in the west, so it’s no surprise that many home owners report dealing with infestations at one time of another. Mice are known to invade homes for food and occasionally shelter.

Life Span

Life expectancy of mice is around 1-2 years.

Distribution and Habitat

Native to Asia, the house mouse set sail with European settlers hundreds of years ago and discovered an appealing new home in the New World. Nowadays the mouse is a hardy creature that can be found in nearly every country and type of environment. They can live in forests, grasslands and even man-made structures easily.

Behaviour in the Wild

Mice have signalling postures to communicate their intent, anxiety, dominance and excitement. Also, they are nocturnal and feed on seeds, plants and insects. Every 30 days, a female mouse can give birth but due to a high level of predators in the wild, young mice usually do not survive for more than a few months.

pet mice

What’s it like to own a pet mouse?


  • Mice are cheap to buy and maintain.
  • Mice are like humans in that they have different personalities.
  • Mice are small. Therefore, they don’t need much space or a big cage.
  • Mice don’t make a lot of noise – apart from the occasional squeak.
  • Mice are very friendly with their owners when they are properly trained.


  • Due to their short life span, mice do not live that long.
  • Mice are fragile so you have to be very gentle with them.
  • They can be very smelly at times, especially the male mice.
  • Mice can get obese quite fast if they are allowed to eat too much.

Did you know? 

Mice are really good at jumping! Most mice can jump nearly 18 inches in the air. They’re also talented climbers and swimmers as well.

Do mice like cheese? Actually no. Mice don’t really like cheese at all unless very mild and even then they still might shy away from it.

Mice are tough little creatures when they have their minds set on getting away from predators. They can even withstand multiple scorpion bites!

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