Trueshopping Relaunches

After a brief hiatus, the new and improved version of Trueshopping has been relaunched this week. So what’s changed about the site and what will they be offering?

For customers and readers here at RedShed, you’ll be glad to hear that they’ve got all the products you need to our backyard designs guide a reality!

Organise Your Shed

Whether you want to update your garden furniture or get your garden power tools updated and organised – Trueshopping has collections for both.

Gardening and Garden Maintenance

Owning a shed and garden maintenance sort of go hand-in-hand. Most of our readers use their sheds as workshops or storage spaces garden tools when not in use. So if you’ve read any of our previous guides are vegetable gardening, you’ll be happy to hear you’ve got a new place to shop for everything you need.

Trueshopping is live now with a range of home and garden accessories for you to get to work around the garden. Check out the online store by clicking here.

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