UK Bank Holidays 2018

The first month of 2018 had passed by very quickly and you probably haven’t even noticed! At the same time many people are asking the question: When are UK bank holidays 2018?

Leave all your worries in 2017 because it’s time to plan your next vacation, book your trips and keep an eye out for the next bank holiday.

Let’s have a quick recap on how UK Bank Holidays came to exist. Who’s actually that generous enough to give every Briton an extra day off work?

A ‘bank holiday’ is basically a public holiday in the UK where most people get to have an extra day off from work. Thanks to the efforts of Sir John Lubbock, a banker himself, the Bank Holidays Act of 1871 was passed. The main purpose of this Act was to lessen the pressure on employees and give them extra days to rest from work.

Originally, there were only four bank holidays that were declared:Easter Monday, Whit Monday, First Monday in August, and Boxing Day. Good Friday and Christmas Day were not considered as bank holidays because they were already traditional days of rest. But in 1971, the Banking and Financial Dealings Act was amended and Good Friday, Christmas Day, May Day and New Year’s Day were added.

They were coined as ‘bank holidays’ because if banks are closed, businesses can’t operate, therefore, no employee can work as well. When a bank holiday falls on a Sunday, a normal rest day, the following Monday is observed as the holiday. This substitution is referred to as “bank holiday in lieu”. Whenever it’s deemed necessary to move a holiday, it is always moved forward in the calendar and never backwards.

Here is the list of UK Bank Holidays 2018:

Friday – 30 March – Good Friday – UK
Monday – 2 April – Easter Monday – UK (except Scotland)
Monday – 7 May – May Day – UK
Monday – 28 May – Spring Bank Holiday – UK
Monday – 27 August – Summer Bank Holiday – UK
Tuesday – 25 December – Christmas Day – National
Wednesady – 26 December – Boxing Day – National

Now that we’re aware of how these bank holidays came to be, it’s time to plan those long weekend getaways!

Here are a few suggestions we have for you:

Watch out for outdoor activities like taking a freefall jump in Wales, visit an exotic wildlife safari in Merseyside, or take your kids to the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course in London.

Wear a natural tan and get sun-kissed skin on the beach during your breaks.
Enjoy a staycation at a hotel of your choice and take a dip in the swimming pool.
Roundup your friends for a barbeque party in your garden whilst watching a sporting event.

Spend your holiday doing something worth learning. A day of learning for a lifetime of reaping. Might we add that your efforts to be self productive will always be useful. You never lose. You either win, or learn.

The best part about bank holidays is that there are two included in the month of May! For that reason, we have some activities for you to enjoy both long weekends:

Revisit history through the museums and exhibits with your friends or family. It’s suitable for all ages so you can bring the kids along with you and get them familiarized with the wonders of the past.

Feast on various restaurants and grab a few drinks while catching up with your mates.
Get dressed for festivals and enjoy a whole day of fun and excitement.

These are but a few things that might give you an idea on how to utilise UK Bank Holidays. Breathe in the extra days and give thanks for the much needed breaks.

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