How To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

Have you ever browsed through the endless products on Amazon, found something that catches your eye but wished you had a few free Amazon gift cards to spend?

Imagine you’re on your laptop or computer minding your own business and a pop up comes up saying you just earned money in the form of an Amazon Voucher. Or how about downloading a new free game on your smartphone, playing with it for a few days while getting paid.

Many people don’t realise that this is a possibility.

Ways to earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

  • Internet browsing
  • Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Playing Games
  • Referring Friends

How to get Free Amazon Gift Cards

  • Swagbucks
  • My Survey
  • Insta GC
  • Global Test Market


If you’re looking to gain a free Amazon gift card simply from going about your daily tasks, Swagbucks UK could be a good option. There are many ways you can earn Amazon vouchers by using Swagbucks.

These include:

  • Watching videos
  • Playing Games
  • Online Shopping
  • Using search engines
  • Completing surveys

If you use Google Chrome, you can download a plugin called SwagButton. This extension sits at the top right of your toolbar making Swagbucks much easier to access. This will increase the rate of how quickly you get points. Every time you are on a website that could earn you money, you will get a notification of an available SwagCode.

This means by simply entering the SwagCode into the correct box you can easily gain a few extra points. These codes can also be found on the SwagCode Facebook page.

How to earn Amazon Gift Cards

To get your Amazon gift cards, you will need to accumulate a certain number of points first. For instance, once you reach 500 points, you can receive a $5 Amazon gift card. Every day you get a daily target to reach when it is reached you get given bonus points.

If you manage to do this seven days in a row, you get even more bonus points at the end of the month. Therefore a great incentive to keep going. Although, make sure you claim these each month or, you will lose them.

If the thought of doing this daily puts you off. There are easy routines you can follow that may help. In the morning fill out a quick survey, at lunch watch a couple of videos while you relax and in the evening play some games.

Easiest way to make money through Swagbucks

Probably one of the easiest ways we found to make money through Swagbucks is to use the Swagbucks search engine. This is rather than using the more popular ones such as Google or Bing. And, there is no need to worry as the Swagbucks search engine is run by Yahoo making the results reliable.

By making this simple change, you can be in with the chance of getting points everytime you make search the internet. Whether that be to find out the latest news or just to look at pictures of cats.

If getting the Amazon gift cards quickly is a higher interest then surveys are your best bet at making a large amount of SwagBucks in one go. Depending on the survey you complete you can gain points ranging from 40-200 (40 being enough to hit the daily target). However, surveys can sometimes be unreliable; there is a chance they may crash on you but don’t worry you will still be rewarded with 1SB.

You can also get Swagbucks by watching videos, whether it be about food, fashion, fitness or just simple entertainment. Although, there is a daily limit of 150SB to be earnt. So although this seems like an easy way to earn SB bare in mind it will take you a while to gain enough points to get a good size Amazon voucher.

When done daily and well there is potential for you to be earning £10-£20 a month in Amazon Vouchers. If you sign up today, if you earn 2,500SB in your first two months then you will be given a £3 bonus.

You can get points by simply browsingVideo SB are limited to 150 per day
Rewards for daily useCan be hard to stick to it every day

Is SwagBucks legit?

Well at the end of 2017 the company had over 20 million registered users with a milestone paid cash out of over $200,000,000.


MySurvey is a free to join, online survey site. The way you earn points is by completing tasks. These include rewards up to £5, which considering each survey will take you 5-10 minutes to complete, isn’t too bad.

Not only limited to Amazon gift cards you can claim your points in many different ways thanks to the different options. For instance claiming products, e-certificates and gift cards for shops such as Homebase and Debenhams. Or you can claim the money directly into your PayPal account. Alternatively, the money you earn can be donated to charities such as UNICEF.

When using MySurvey, before taking part in a survey you are told how long each survey will roughly take. As well as how much money you will get for completing it. After completing a couple of question it will then tell you whether you are eligible to complete it.

This means you won’t be wasting your time filling out a survey that you may be unable to finish. Doing this also allows the different companies to get more useful results.

Types of surveys

The usually multiple choice surveys are categorised into two different types. These are Top Priority Surveys and Lifestyle surveys.

Top priority surveys – These are surveys that have a limited time allocated to them to be completed. The quicker you complete the survey, the faster you will receive the next one.

Lifestyle Surveys – For those interested in the sweepstakes these surveys will reward you with entries rather than points. You will be most likely to access 50 of these a day.

It is important to bare in mind that if you try to complete surveys as quickly as possible with inconsistent responses you account may face being suspended.

The amount of money made on MySurvey all depends on how much time you are willing to put into completing the surveys. Typically, you are likely to earn around $15-$30 a month if you manage to complete around 10-20 surveys. The minimum amount of points you can achieve before cashing out is 900, with 1 point being roughly equal to $0.01.

Easy to register and useWaiting for the cash prize can take a while
Told how long the survey is and if you are eligibleNot available outside of the UK, US and Austria
The surveys aren’t too longMinimum cash out can take a while to reach

Is MySurvey a scam?

It can be said that MySurvey is not a scam. Companies are always willing to pay lots of money to find out their customer’s opinions. This is what allowed MySurvey to pay over $32 million USD to their users in 2014.

MySurvey has been around since 2001 and is one of the most trusted online survey websites available on the internet.


Similar to SwagBucks, InstaGC is a way of getting free Amazon gift cards through various activities. These include downloading apps, watching videos, surveys, signing up to free trials and inviting friends.

But is it better or worse than Swagbucks? Let’s do a InstaGC Review.

InstaGC is free to sign up to and if you refer a friend you can get an extra 10% of what they earn, which is a great incentive.

How to earn InstaGC points

There are many ways in which you can earn points in InstaGC. These include visiting websites, watching videos where 1 point is given to every 3 videos watched. Or alternatively watching specific InstaGC videos where 1 point is given for every 20 videos watched. You can also complete daily surveys which are available once every 24 hours.

Unlike Swagbucks you can earn points to go towards your Amazon gift cards by listening to different radio stations. If you do this, it is worth checking your point total every now and then as you will be given a code to earn an extra 3 points.

One good tip is if you are listening to music to get points, why not complete offers at the same time? This will quickly enhance your point total. However, make sure you open this in a different web browser to prevent the accidental clearing of cookies.

As with all the different ways of making enough points to claim rewards the number of points you could earn is determined by how much time and effort you put into it. Some people find that 100 points are achievable in a day. Whereas others claimed to have made 500-2,000 points!

Things to look out for with InstaGC

With InstaGC it is important that you provide your real information. If it becomes apparent that you are using false information you could face suspension. This is as they will consider you as a fraud account.

This could end up forcing you to face legal action. If like many people, you don’t want to share your personal information consider missing out the offers that request it.

The easiest way to get extra InstaGC codes is by accessing the InstaGC Facebook. Here they have plenty of InstaGC booster codes to help you get closer to receiving your free Amazon voucher.

Easy to registerRandom disqualifcation on surveys may occur for no reason
Different ways to earn makes it more interestingCan take a while to make a good amount of money
Low withdrawl minimumCan be very time consuming

Is InstaGC Legit?

InstaGC has been around for a long time with plenty of success stories of real people earning money and receiving it. Although this site won’t let you make enough money to live on, it is a great way to earn money by doing what you’d normally be doing anyway!

Global Test Market

It is now time for the Global Test Market (GTM) review. Launched in 1999 it is one of the earliest websites of its kind on the internet. Unlike other websites that can help you make money, GTM allows anyone from 200 countries to register. It is also partnered with 15,000 companies across over 60 countries.

Registering with Global Test Market is free, simple and quick, you need to provide them with your name and email address. Or alternatively, you can go directly to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

To start with you won’t need to provide any personal information or credit card details when you first register. If on a website you do have to do this it is worth bearing in mind that this is a common practice enforced by scam websites.

After completing a survey you can be entitled to a number of points ranging from 35-250. Although you are not told if you are eligible to complete a survey until after completion, you will still receive 5 points.

This means you should be getting at least $1.50 per the survey and in the best scenario, you may even receive $10 (250 points).

Global Test Market reviews

Although with an excellent rating of 4.1 out of 5 from 121 different customers there are 442 customers who have rated GTM less than 2.5 out of 5.

The reasons for this seems to be as some people experienced suspension when the minimum cashout requirement is reached. Therefore meaning they were unable to claim their rewards.

Similarly, some customers found that after spending time completing a survey they are kicked out and told that they are unable to claim points.

Wide audience, 200 countries with a 14 year minimum ageYou are not told if you are eligible for a survey until the end
Easy to useCannot cash out until a total of $50 (1200 points) is reached
Quick paymentsAccount suspension

Is Global Test Market a scam?

With more than 14 million visitors a month, it would be concerning if Global Test Market wasn’t legit. The good news this site is one of the most popular review websites in 2017. It is also owned by a renowned company this website is definitely a trustworthy way to make a little bit of money.


To conclude, there are a number of different ways you can earn free Amazon vouchers for taking only a few moments out of your day.

Whether it be getting vouchers for doing your normal everyday activities, such as playing games and browsing the internet to using your time to do surveys. Amazon vouchers can be easy to get if you commit to the various activities you have to do in order to achieve them.

How to check your Amazon Gift Card Balance

  1. Log into your Amazon account
  2. Go to your account homepage
  3. Click on Gift Cards, it will be at the bottom right of your homepage
  4. Click on check value of card

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