Dash Cams: Are They Worth Your Money?

Dash cams are onboard cameras that can either be attached to the car dashboard or the windscreen. They are made to record time-stamped videos on the road, and these devices have eventually helped drivers know who to blame when accidents occur. In addition, police have also been using dash cams to provide evidence for reckless drivers and capture footages of suspects’ vehicles.

With all the footages we’ve seen around the Internet proving that dash cams are actually helpful, some people still don’t feel the need to buy. Well, should you?

Here are some reasons why I think everyone should have a dash cam:

1. Insurance scammers and fraudulent claims


Maybe you’re familiar with these dashcam footages of people who purposely throw themselves at cars. These scenes usually happen in China where people trick drivers into hitting them so that they could get their insurance money. With the help of dash cams, a lot of drivers have been proven innocent, and scammers don’t just put themselves into trouble but also in a very awkward situation.

Aside from these, dash cams can also provide evidence in case you become a victim of “crash for cash”. How does this happen? Usually, when a vehicle is hit from the behind, it’s the car behind that’s blamed for the incident. However, in staged scenes, the scammer intentionally hits the car behind and then blame them for the accident.

These scamming acts can happen to anyone so make sure you’re prepared for it.

2. It can serve as an upgraded black box

Are dashcams worth your money

A Black box (telematics box) allows you to track all your driving data including how you drove, where you went, and the time. Dash cams can’t do all that, but what it can do is visually record your whole trip, and it can also be a way to help you improve your driving skills. It won’t only provide evidence in case of accidents, but it can also be your way of assessing your own driving skills.

3. Prevent car theft and robbery

Are dashcams worth your money

Dash cams can possibly keep you and your car safe from bad guys. No one will try to steal a car if they know they would be recorded. Dash cams also work as a personal security guard for your vehicle. They may be tiny devices, but thieves would probably look away whenever they see one on a dashboard.

4. Capture unexpected road circumstances

With a lot of things happening every day, it can be worthwhile to capture some unexpected incidents whether good or bad. Instead of telling the encounter with your friends and family, at least you have supporting footages so they could see what you witnessed.

You may also find yourself dancing in the car and forgetting that you have a dash cam watching you!


If you still find dash cams inconvenient and pointless, that’s fine. We’ll leave the decision to you. However, if you have finally made up your mind and feel the need to have one, try to check out our top picks for the best dash cams for 2018. As well as our guide on how to install a dash cam.

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