How to Buy the Right Smartwatch? 6 Things To Remember

Even though a lot of people still don’t acknowledge their purpose, smartwatches are widely available on the market today. And they’re not only made by giant gadget manufacturers like Apple and Samsung, but famous watchmakers are also trying to step up with their game by producing such products. Smartwatches are available in different styles, and they’re integrated with various features, that’s why it can be tricky to buy one.

When shopping for a smartwatch, it’s essential that you have a clear understanding of what you want to do with it. It’s not merely a fashion statement or a luxury item, but it can help you accomplish everyday tasks without realising it saves you a lot of time. See also: Should You Consider Getting a Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are made to be able to use technology even while you’re doing activities, which is better than lying down on the bed and scrolling up and down on your smartphone. This device allows you to check and reply to incoming messages, answer phone calls, track your fitness, and a lot more. They’re stylish and undeniably quite expensive, but they bring incredible convenience to your life if you just use them right.

Now, the main problem is, how will you know which smartwatch will suit your needs the most? To help you with that, check out this quick guide on how to find the right smartwatch for you.

How to Buy the Right Smartwatch? 6 Things To Remember

How to Buy the Right Smartwatch?

1. Device Compatibility

Make sure your smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone. Apple Watches are great, and we can all agree with that, but sadly, they’re only exclusive to iPhone users. On the other hand, Samsung smartwatches, along with other brands, can be paired with both iOS and Android OS.

2. Battery Life

Smartwatches have longer battery life than smartphones. However, some models will last longer than others, and these are usually those that aren’t embedded with a touchscreen.

3. Fitness Tracking Features

Even if you’re not a fitness junkie, keeping track of your heart rate can be useful. Likely, a GPS feature can also be an advantage when comes to smartwatches. It also pays to have some more health monitoring features to keep you motivated to stay fit.

4. Design

No matter how sleek an accessory looks like, if its not comfortable to wear, then you shouldn’t buy it. Same is true when it comes to smartwatches; you have to be comfortable while wearing, especially if you plan to use it for outdoor activities. In addition, smartwatches should be easily personalised so keep an eye on the band. Make sure it’s easy to swap for a different band and check if it’s easy to look for band replacements – some even offer them for free. It’s also good to have a smartwatch with interchangeable faces so you can choose one according to your style for the day.

5. Notifications and Quick Alerts

A notification on your wrist is far better than having to grab your phone every single time. Pick a smartwatch that has the ability to notify you whenever you have incoming e-mail, text messages, or calls. It also helps to have a smartwatch that can alert you to upcoming meetings or events so you won’t miss anything.

6. Additional useful features

Smartwatches that are offered at a higher price range most likely have more integrated features. If you want to do be productive with just a click on your wrist, then you should be willing to pay a bit more. Some smartwatches have built-in LTE so you can independently send messages and make calls even if your phone isn’t around. There are also smartwatches that allow you to pay for stuff with the help of the NFC chip inside them. This feature can provide you with safety as you can be cashless anywhere you go.

There’s more to smartwatches than we all know. You don’t have to spend a lot on these devices, just make sure you match your budget with the features that will be helpful for you.

If you’re finally ready to get your hands (or wrist rather) on a smartwatch, check out our top picks for the Best Smartwatch for 2018. This selection will help you save your time from looking into the full range of products, and it will also save your money from arriving at a wrong buying decision.

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