Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Travelling across the world isn’t as impossible today as it was before. Most of us want to have the chance to visit every place on this planet, but you might change your mind after reading this article. The basis for ranking these places and giving them an unfortunate title is their murder cases per capita. With that said, Los Cabos in Mexico is the top place to be avoided as it ranks as the most dangerous city in the world today. Take note that these cities are not at war.

The World’s Most Dangerous Cities

1. Los Cabos, Mexico

With a murder rate of 111.33 per 100,000 people, Los Cabos, Mexico is the world’s most dangerous city. It is the highest murder rate per capita in the world, that’s why this city is also the recognised as ‘The Most Violent City in the World’. Los Cabos, Mexico has been the talk of the town from 2017 to 2018 because of consistent alarming murders that were reported. This beautiful city was once a popular tourist destination because of their beautiful beaches and sceneries. However, because of the rampant violence in the city, fewer tourists may be interested in visiting the place. The suspected cause of the high murder rate per capita in Los Cabos is drug trade, and there are reports of harmed tourists so far.

2. Caracas, Venezuela

Formerly being the first and now falling on the second spot in this list is Caracas, Venezuela. The country’s capital has 111.19 murders per 100,000 people, and this is said to be mainly caused by extreme poverty which leads to political protests and drug trade gangs around the city.

3. Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco, Mexico is the second Mexican city on this list and is the third most dangerous city in the world. There are 106.63 murders per 100,000 people; this city is not new to being on this list. Despite being home to beautiful beaches, there has been a marathon of murder in Acapulco, and this is said to be brought about by the drug trade and violent gangs.

4. Natal, Brazil

The capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte in northeast Brazil is now the 4th most dangerous city in the world. With 102.56 murder per 100,000 people in Natal, Brazil has a significant number of reported homicide. The apparent causes of these acts of violence are extreme poverty, drug trafficking, political instability, corruption, and gang wars.

5. Tijuana, Mexico

With another Mexican city on the list, the violence in different parts of Mexico is alarming. Tijuana, Mexico has 100.77 murders per 100,000 people and just like its nearby cities, is said to be caused by violence among drug gangs and organised crime.

The 30 Most Dangerous Cities

RankCityCountryHomicide Rate (Per 100,000)
1Los CabosMexico111.33
6La PazBolivia84.79
8Ciudad VictoriaMexico83.32
9Ciudad GuyanaVenezuela80.28
11Vitoria da ConquistaBrazil70.26
13St. LouisUnited States65.83
15Cape TownSouth Africa62.25
17San SalvadorEl Salvador59.06
19Feira de SantanaBrazil58.81
20Ciudad JurazMexico56.16
21BaltimoreUnited States55.48
24Guatemala CityGuatemala53.49
26San Pedro SulaHonduras51.18
30Joao PessoaBrazil49.17

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