The Most Obese Countries In The World


Unlike what you were expecting, not the developed countries are the most obese in the world. With Nauru, a small and sparsely populated country, at number 1, obesity isn’t directly associated with a country’s high economic status like it was … Read more

5 Trampoline Exercises: Hop Your Way to Healthy Living

There are several ways you can get fit using a mini trampoline. Exercising on a rebounder or a trampoline has some great health benefits. For one, trampolining helps you improve your cardiovascular health and blood circulation.

5 Hilarious Reasons Why You Don’t Exercise

reasons to exercise

The five most common reasons why I don’t exercise and how to eliminate them immediately. RedShed looks at the five excuses you use for not exercising and tells you how to get fit now by ridding of them.