Trueshopping Relaunches

BillyOh 3 in 1 Round Brazier Fire Pit Portable Charcoal BBQ

After a brief hiatus, the new and improved version of Trueshopping has been relaunched this week. So what’s changed about the site and what will they be offering? For customers and readers here at RedShed, you’ll be glad to hear … Read more

Why are Fountain Pen Sales Rising?

Why are fountain pen sales rising?

When observing people around you, you will often spot someone, if not more than one person, using a fountain pen. This is becoming particularly noticeable in the recent years. But why are fountain pen sales rising? A fountain pen is … Read more

UK Bank Holidays 2018

The first month of 2018 had passed by very quickly and you probably haven’t even noticed! At the same time many people are asking the question: When are UK bank holidays 2018? Leave all your worries in 2017 because it’s … Read more

6 Nation Fixtures 2018

It’s that time of the year again. The time that chases the post-holiday season blues away. 6 Nations Fixtures 2018 is here and here to pit nation against nation in the name of competitive sportsmanship. Mark your Saturdays and Sundays, … Read more

5 Autumn Garden Activities For Kids

There are surely a handful of activities your children can enjoy even during the autumn season. In this article, Susan Lee, our friend from Rain-shine, teaches us some ways to make the autumn season fun and productive for your children!

Top Ten Most Popular Sports in United Kingdom

Sports include not only physical competitiveness but also provide entertainment both to the players and audience. We all know that United Kingdom is a well recognized and urbanized country, here are the top 10 most popular sports in United Kingdom.

Saving Water Using Waterbutts

Hoarding rain water is an ideal way to save water and provide our plants with lots of water every time they need it. Learn how to conserve water using water butts!