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Pet Fact Files

How to care for pets

Find out pet facts about your favourite pet with RedShed’s new pet fact files. From cats and dogs to mice, budgies, hamsters and goldfish, they’ve all got their own little slice of history and the pets are waiting to share it with you.

Rat Facts: The Perfect Pet

Once given a bad name because of the plague carried by pests on their bodies, rats haven’t always had it easy. However, as our rat facts profile explains, these days they are one of the most rewarding pets you can keep.

Rabbit Facts: A Pet Bunny

owning a pet rabbit

Find out all you need to know about keeping a pet rabbit, from care to behaviour our fact guide has it covered. Once introduced as a source of food the rabbit has quickly become a favourite pet of the nation.

Parrot Facts: Who’s a Pretty Boy?

caring for a parrot

Around the world there are 358 species of parrot and the birds can be found on all tropical and subtropical continents, but what are they like to keep as pets? This fact file delves into the mysteries of one of the most popular pet birds.