Ferret Facts: The Cable Guys

pet ferret

Ferrets aren’t wild animals, rather they are thought to have descended from the European polecat. Learn more about ferrets and their wild ancestors in this RedShed fact file.

Dog Facts: Man’s Best Friend

facts about dogs

Man’s best friend wasn’t always that way. Our dog fact files looks at their history, exploring why every breed of domestic dog is descended from grey wolves, evolving over thousands of years.

Cat Facts: Meow!

amazing facts about cats

While we might love our domesticated kitties, our cat fact file shows that cats have an interesting history and many wild relatives. Looking at getting a pet cat? Find out more here about one of Britain’s favourite pets.

Budgie Facts: The Pet Parakeet

facts about budgies

Learn all about budgies in our budgie fact file. One of the most popular pet birds in the world, there’s more to these stunning avians than you might think. Find out what it’s like to keep a pet budgerigar.