How to Buy the Right Smartwatch? 6 Things To Remember

Even though a lot of people still don’t acknowledge their purpose, smartwatches are widely available on the market today. And they’re not only made by giant gadget manufacturers like Apple and Samsung, but famous watchmakers are also trying to step … Read more

Should You Consider Getting a Smartwatch?

Should You Consider Getting a Smartwatch?

Technology is becoming more and more advanced that even basic accessories aren’t spared from being “smart”. Similar to how a telephone has evolved to a smartphone, smartwatches make our lives easier by being able to accomplish simple day-to-day tasks for … Read more

Do You Really Need a TV Soundbar?

Do You Really Need a Soundbar

As flat screen TVs get thinner, the more space for its internal parts become compromised. If you purchase a large TV with 4K Ultra HD quality or HDR colour, you would probably place it far from the couch or bed … Read more

Can Virtual Reality Headsets Harm Your Eyes?

Can Virtual Reality Headsets Harm Your Eyes?

Virtual reality (VR) headsets quickly take us to a fascinating realm that we never thought we’d ever experience. That’s why it’s no surprise how this device became a popular gadget among households. It offers a lot of games and other … Read more

How to Install a Dash Cam

how to install a dashcam

The dashcam is a useful, small piece of electronic equipment many of us choose to include in our cars today. The job of the dashcam is to continuously record what is happening in front, behind or even to the side … Read more

Dash Cams: Are They Worth Your Money?

Are dashcams worth your money

Dash cams are onboard cameras that can either be attached to the car dashboard or the windscreen. They are made to record time-stamped videos on the road, and these devices have eventually helped drivers know who to blame when accidents … Read more

Should I Buy an Electric Skateboard?

Should I Buy an Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards have been around for quite some time, but they still seem to be futuristic devices, and they always look quite odd. But little do a lot of people know that electric skateboards are convenient and energy-efficient especially if … Read more