Silk’n FaceTite Review

Got a wrinkle problem? The Silk’n FaceTite might just be the answer!

Ageing is inevitable and sadly, so are the signs. The most common and most obvious among them are wrinkles which are also probably the most frustrating.

Well, it’s normal so we can’t do anything about it. As we age, our skin’s elasticity and collagen gradually lessen that causes wrinkles and fine lines to become visible.

The most popular solution that many women think of to get rid of unwanted face lines is getting a botox injection which temporarily paralyses the facial muscles. However, this procedure can pose negative effects on your body because of the chemical injected.

Botulinum toxin or botox can travel to your central nervous system and may cause long-term damage to your overall wellbeing. The Silk’n FaceTite a great alternative to making wrinkles and fine lines disappear without having to undergo any medical procedure!

It is an anti-ageing device that repairs the skin’s own collagen and elastin fibres and strengthens its deepest layer.

Why do we get wrinkles?

Ageing comes with two W’s the other one’s good and the other’s bad: Wisdom and wrinkles. But it’s unfair when other people don’t seem to get old because they always look fresh.

Well, maybe that’s because they know how to take good care of their skin. When you think you are too but they still appear, here are some of the daily habits that might have caused your wrinkles today:

  • Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping in a position facing the pillow pushes your face and creates permanent creases which can lead to wrinkles.

To avoid this, try to sleep on your back and put a pillow behind your knees to prevent yourself from turning sideways.

  • Chewing gum

You heard that right. Frequently chewing on gums can lead to wrinkles as it forces the mouth to form different shapes, and affects as facial muscles constantly.

  • Smoking

Aside from the other health risks of smoking, it is also one of the leading causes of wrinkles. The chemicals from cigarettes can hinder blood to flow all throughout your skin so the nutrients won’t be evenly distributed. Ageing naturally lessens the skin’s elasticity and collagen, but smoking breaks down the skin’s fibres making it even worse.

  • Sun exposure

It’s impossible to hide from the sun, but you can protect your skin from the heat. Make sure to always generously apply sunscreen before going out on a hot sunny day.

The sun can damage your skin, and it can even lead to more serious cases if you continue to ignore it.

Silk'n FaceTite Detailed Review

Price Reduction
Silk’n H2111/H2112 FaceTite Anti-Aging Device,...
59 Reviews
Silk’n H2111/H2112 FaceTite Anti-Aging Device,...
  • Tighter skin without surgery: Skin tightening and...
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  • Revolutionary HT (home tightening) technology: 3...

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Silk’n established their brand ten years ago when they released their first product which is a long-term hair removal device. Since then, they came up with different devices to reach their ultimate goal of “developing quality cosmetic devices which can be comfortably used at home.”

The Silk’n FaceTite is an anti-ageing device that uses a revolutionary home tightening (HT) technology to rejuvenate your skin deeply. The HT technology is a combination of three energy sources (bipolar RF, LED light and thermal IF) that helps obtain optimal results.

The product claims to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, as well as lift your facial contours making you achieve the V-face.

With the Silk’n FaceTite anti-ageing device, you will be able to make your skin look and feel younger in the comfort of your own home!


Compact design

Revolutionary HT technology

Suitable for all skin types

Completely painless



Unable to reach smaller areas

Features and Benefits


The Silk’n FaceTite is a very compact anti-ageing device that’s easy to use and is guaranteed to be painless. This device is only available in colour white, and it comes in a travel package together with the power supply, instruction manual and a 130ml Slider Gel.

It can be used on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip, chin, jawline and the neck as these are the areas where unwanted lines usually appear.

Home Tightening (HT) Technology – The Anti-Ageing Formula

To attain their goal of providing cosmetic devices that can be used in the comfort of their consumers’ homes, Silk’n has produced their own revolutionary anti-ageing formula which is the Home Tightening (HT) technology.

This type of technology has combined the strength of three sources of energy: Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF), LED Light, and Infrared (IR) Heat. This trio works together to fight the signs of skin ageing. They join forces to transport heat from the outermost skin layer, the epidermis, up to the deeper layers of fat. It’s a completely painless procedure even though you’re skin surface is heated to a maximum of 43°C and deeper layers to 50°C. This pleasantly warm feeling on the skin is responsible for the contraction of fibres that help tighten the skin.

HT technology deeply penetrates into the skin and repairs the damaged tissues caused by skin ageing. After each treatment, you will see that your skin becomes younger-looking, more beautiful and softer.


With a 15-minute treatment on each facial area for two times a week, you are guaranteed to get optimal results in no time.

The Silk’n FaceTite skin tightening device has received a lot of good reviews with a lot of women saying that they already noticed some changes after using it twice, while some say that you will actually feel that your skin is smooth after your very first treatment. Although a 15-minute treatment for each zone can feel a little numbing, it should be worth it when you see the results.

It’s recommended that you treat your skin twice a week to get optimal results and see the visible outcome after ten treatments which can take up to five weeks. This anti-ageing device works on all skin types and colours, so it’s suitable for everyone.


The Silk’n FaceTite comes with a guaranteed 1-year warranty which is enough time for you to get optimal results before the product wears out.

How to Use the Silk'n FaceTite



NORLANYA Ultrasonic LED Light Photon Therapy Beauty Skin Care Machine

NORLANYA Ultrasonic LED Light Photon Therapy...
13 Reviews

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This anti-ageing facial toning device uses ultrasonic LED Light Photon to eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

It has three colours that have different functions. The red light helps in skin cell activity, metabolism stimulation, collagen stimulation, blood stimulation, rejuvenate skin, anti ageing, anti wrinkle, shrink pore size and help to cure wounds. The blue light diminishes inflammation, reduces acne scar, controls oil, improves sensitive skin and skin rashes. While the green light is suitable for chronic diseases and reduces wrinkles, it also helps in taking care of the skin.

Unlike the Silk’n FaceTite, this NORLANYA Beauty Skin Care Machine doesn’t emit any heat, instead, just a soft and small vibration. This feeling is caused by the high frequency of sonic waves as it breaks down pigments, activates molecules, and improves blood circulation as well as metabolism.

Silk'n Reju Skin Rejuvenation and Anti Aging Device

Silk'n Reju Skin Rejuvenation and Anti Aging...
13 Reviews
Silk'n Reju Skin Rejuvenation and Anti Aging...
  • Skin Rejuvenation and anti-aging technology for...
  • Clear reduction of lines and wrinkles
  • Suitable for men and women to treat face and...

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This product from the same brand is equally effective with the Silk’n FaceTite. However, it doesn’t use the same technology.

Instead of the HT technology, the Silk’n Reju Skin Rejuvenation and Anti Aging Device uses Home Fractional (HF) Technology that combines fractional red light therapy and deep thermal heating to stimulate collagen production deeply.

It helps improve skin tone and texture. This device also reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and minimises the pores as well.

SENSSE Eye Massager

SENSSE Eye Massager | Acne Removal, Pore Cleanser,...
21 Reviews
SENSSE Eye Massager | Acne Removal, Pore Cleanser,...
  • LED LIGHT THERAPY - The Cleansing Mode (Blue LED...

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The SENSSE Eye Massager is a quite different product because it only focuses on the eyes. It claims to soothe your eyes in just three minutes, and it also has anti-acne and anti-ageing benefits.
This device uses LED light therapy to reach deep into the pores which leave your eyes glowing after use. It has two modes, the Cleansing Mode (Blue LED light) targets the acne-causing bacteria around the eyes to clear existing acne and prevent new spots from occurring; while the Moisturising Mode (Red LED light) reduces redness and stimulates collagen production to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.


Skin ageing can occur to everyone and it’s totally normal. But of course, we all want to feel young and vibrant all the time so we don’t want any wrinkles and fine lines anywhere near us!

The Silk'n FaceTite can possibly be the solution to stop the ageing process and make us look like fresh all the time. It uses an innovative HT technology that all contribute to tightening the skin making unwanted marks less visible with every use.

It’s safe, painless, and it’s suitable for all skin types and colours, it can be used both by men and women. The Silk’n FaceTite has been clinically tested, so you’re guaranteed to attain optimal results in no time.