5 Star Whiteboard Review from Easy Office Supplies

What is the 5 Star Easy Office Supplies Whiteboard

Whether you’re wanting to make a to-do list, complete a large mathematical equation or even create a masterpiece the 5 Star Easy Office Supplies Whiteboard could be the best option for you. Suitable for a variety of applications the whiteboard can be used at schools, in offices or even simply at home.

5 Star Easy Office Supplies (W900xH600mm)...
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5 Star Easy Office Supplies (W900xH600mm)...
  • Board surface: Lacquered steel; Board...
  • Dimensions: 900x600mm; Colour: White & Fixing:...
  • Simple wall fixing method concealed by colour...

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Things to consider before buying a whiteboard

Different types of whiteboard

Wall Mounted

Having a whiteboard mounted on the wall is a very popular form of being productive. They are most often in classrooms at schools and offices. They can even be used at home when wanting to be organised. For instance, if it’s making a revision schedule for exams, or even just a place to note down what jobs you need to complete.

Revolving Whiteboard

The revolving whiteboard is the perfect solution to wanting a whiteboard that can easily be moved from room to room without compromising the information that is on it. You can start brainstorming ideas or writing out plans in one room and easily take it to another by simply unlocking the wheels and pushing it to your desired destination.


Whiteboard easels are also a highly portable whiteboard to own. They can be easy to store away as often, the legs can retract meaning the size of the object is reduced. The easel whiteboard could be a great option if you require it every now and again rather than regularly. With many coming with the option of clip-on paper they can be a great way to practice drawing or even when kids are wanting to imagine being at school.

Mini Whiteboards

Mini whiteboards could be perfect if you are wanting a whiteboard to prop up on your desk, or stick to spaces on your wall. Most often they come equipped with adhesive stickers which can stick to most things. This is as they are so light they do not require a stronger method of attachment.

Magnetic Whiteboards

Most of the above types of whiteboards can be magnetic. Magnetic whiteboards can be used to attach any important notes or files to your whiteboard or even just your favourite magnet.

Magic Whiteboards

Magic whiteboards are, essentially, a plastic sheet which can stick to your wall via static. They are reusable, use normal dry whiteboard markers and can stick to any hard surface with ease. This could be perfect for revision leading up to an exam where a real whiteboard isn’t necessary.

Which Whiteboard Pens are best?

Wet Erase Marker

Wet Erase markers utilise a paste resulting in the markers being semi-permanent. This means when used on a whiteboard, a normal eraser will not be able to remove the markings. However, this can be resolved by using a damp cloth.

Using wet erase markers means your work won’t fade or bubble when exposed to heat making them perfect to be used with projector lamps or whiteboards that feature illumination.

One thing to note, wet-erase ink is much less likely to cause an allergic reaction when compared to dry erase.

Dry Erase Marker

Dry Erase markers are the most popular type of marker. They can work on any type of whiteboard or non-porous surfaces such as projector films and signboards. The markings left by them can be easily wiped away with a whiteboard eraser or a piece of cloth.

One feature of dry-erase markers that could potentially put people off is the chemical smell that they can produce. They also can’t be used on chalkboards or black marker boards.

Neon pens and Liquid Chalk

A type of wet erase markers, neon pens and liquid chalk give you the chalk look seen on chalkboards, but without the clouds of chalk that can be caused. These type of pens are perfect when used on black marker boards as the neon colours could create quite an eye-catching sign. Making it perfect for restaurants and cafes.



At a medium size of 900x600mm, the 5 Star Whiteboard can be mounted to the wall. The simple wall fixing method saves you floor space or table space as well as ensuring the whiteboard can be visible by everyone in the room. The fixings themselves are concealed by co-ordinated corner caps to make the whiteboard more attractive.

If finding a place to store your whiteboard pens is a concern, the whiteboard comes with a pen tray which you can attach to the bottom of the board. This can easily hold both pens and rubbers.

Furthermore, a great feature of this whiteboard is the magnetic function. This gives the ability to make the whiteboard double up as a noticeboard. By using magnets you can easily attach any important notes or charts you may have.


The board weighs 4.96kg and measures 105x62x2cm. The higher grade surface of the whiteboard makes it ideal for those wanting to get heavy use out of it. The board is lightweight with a magnetic lacquered steel drywipe surface guarded by an aluminium trim.


✔ large writing space
✔ Easily attaches to a wall
✔ Pen/Rubber holder provided


VIZ-PRO Double-Sided Magnetic Revolving Whiteboard

VIZ-PRO Double-Sided Magnetic Revolving Mobile...
652 Reviews
VIZ-PRO Double-Sided Magnetic Revolving Mobile...
  • Board size 110 x 75cm
  • Both sides magnetic drywipe, 360° rotatable and...
  • Silver finished aluminium frame and stand, include...

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The other type of whiteboard available today is the double-sided whiteboard. The VIZ-PRO Whiteboard is both double-sided, magnetic and revolves. At a size of 110x75cm (slightly more than the 5 Star) this whiteboard site on 4 castors. 2 of which are lockable. This means the whiteboard can easily be moved to wherever it is required and once locked, you can be assured it will not move away when trying to write on it.

Similar to the 5 Star, this whiteboard is finished with an aluminium tray, includes a pen tray and is easy to assemble. Both sides of the whiteboard are magnetic giving you double the space to store your notes.

VIZ-PRO Whiteboard/Flipchart Easel

VIZ-PRO Flipchart Easel Whiteboard, Magnetic...
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VIZ-PRO Flipchart Easel Whiteboard, Magnetic...
  • 【Smooth Writing and Easy Wipe】Magnetic board...
  • 【Height Adjustable】Magnetic whiteboard; Height...
  • 【Portable Design】The whiteboard with Easy...

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The VIZ-PRO Whiteboard is more portable and easy to store away than the 5 Star. This is as it is in the form of an easel meaning the legs can easily retract when required. There is also the option to clip on a flipchart pad which is perfect when wanting to make your notes permanent.

The pen tray is included as well as the paper hook which is moveable. The whiteboard itself is the same size as the 5 Star measuring 900x600mm and also has a magnetic surface.

Magic Whiteboard

Price Reduction
Whiteboard Sheets Stick on Wall - A1 Static &...
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Whiteboard Sheets Stick on Wall - A1 Static &...
  • As Seen in BBC Dragons’ Den: As one of the...
  • Easy to Use, Portable Whiteboard: Never use a...
  • Increase Your Productivity: Ace your presentations...

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The Magic Whiteboard includes 25 A1 reusable sheets of plastic. They don’t require drawing pins, tape or bluetac to attach to the wall, they only need static. This makes applying and removing the magic whiteboard an easy task.

You can use normal dry whiteboard markers with the magic whiteboard and they can easily be wiped clean.


Overall, the 5 Star Easy Office Supplies Whiteboard is a great choice if you are looking at investing in a whiteboard. Not only at a very reasonable price, the size, the magnetic functionality and then easy maintenance of the board will make ensure you can stay being productive for as long as you like.