Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review

lamy safari fountain pen review

What is the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen?

lamy safari fountain pen review
The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is often bought as a person’s first fountain pen. This is as the pen is very durable and isn’t too expensive either. Suitable for young writers wanting to experiment with using fountain pens for the first time, to experienced writers wanting a cheap back-up, the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is a highly universal product.



The Lamy Safari Fountain pen is made from sturdy ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic meaning the pen can withstand the wear and tare faced when loose in a pocket or bag. There is a flexible clip which enabled you to clip the pen onto wherever you are writing, be it a notebook or a simple piece of paper.

One feature that makes the pen so appealing is the wide colour range. Available in blue, dark lilac, neon lime, yellow, black, white and more the Lamy Safari Fountain pen is sure to have a colour which can help reflect your personality!


The pen can work with either Lamy T10 cartridges or with the Z28 converter. Ink cartridges are small disposable capsules that contain the fountain pen ink. They are disposable meaning you can throw them away and replace it with a new one. Ink Converters are reusable however this requires a fountain pen ink bottle which can potentially be messy.

The Lamy Safari Fountain pen is available in many different nib grades and there is even an ink window to keep an eye on how much ink you have left.

Available nib sizes:
– Extra fine (EF) – 0.4mm line width – Very small writing
– F (Fine) – 0.6mm line width – small writing
– Medium (M) – 0.8mm line width – average size writing
– Broad (B) – 1.0mm line width – large writing
– Italic (1.1mm/1.5mm/1.9mm) – Variation between wide down strokes and narrow side strokes
– Left-handed (Left-handed)


The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen has a recessed grip which can guarantee you will be writing in comfort. The grip is triangular in shape as opposed to the round shape of most fountain pens. If you prefer to post the cap then don’t worry, the balance isn’t affected as the weight of the cap compliments the rest of the pen.

How does it compare?

Lamy Al Star

The Lamy Al Star VS Safari fountain pen is an often researched competition. This is as they are, in theory, the same pen with a few subtle differences.

The Al-Star is made of aluminium whereas the Safari is made of plastic. This means the Al-Star is slightly heavier than the Safari, weighing in at 0.75oz compared to the 0.55oz weight of the Safari. There is also a size difference between the two pens. The Al-Star measures 111m without the cap whereas the Safari measures 110mm.

The Lamy Al-Star is aimed more at adults used to writing with a fountain pen whereas the Safari is better suited to beginners or younger writers. This is reflected in both the price of the pen as well as the pen itself.

Lamy Logo

The Lamy Logo Fountain Pen is a high-quality pen with a stainless steel finish. The pen is much slimmer than the Safari but still has a spring-loaded steel clip to ensure you don’t lose the pen. Similar to the Safari the Logo can use T10 ink cartridges however the pen is only compatible with a Z27 converter rather than the Z28 that is compatible with the Safari.

If a bright colour pen is what you are after the Safari with the wide range of colours is much more suited to you than the Logo which is only available in matt steel.

Lamy Nexx

At a similar price to the Safari the Lamy Nexx allows for extended fatigue-free writing thanks to the soft non-slip grip, something the Safari does not have. Unlike the Safari which is made of plastic the Nexx is made of an exceptionally sturdy aluminium body, however the cap is still plastic .

Should I buy the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen?

The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is one of the lower priced fountain pens provided by both Lamy and on the market in general. If you are a beginner or a young writer looking to enter the world of fountain pens the Lamy Safari could be the perfect choice for you.
Alternatively, if you are an experienced writer but are wanting a pen that is low in cost, durable and requires a small amount of maintenance, this pen could also be a good choice for you.